WWOOFing in Worin

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If you are interested in WWOOFing in our apiary, select a respective language tab on the left for more information. WWOOFers are always welcome here and play a vital role in maintaining and further developing apicultural community.




Contact: helper@imkereibetriebe.de 








Imkerei in Worin

Gewerbehof 1

(Nähe: Alt Rosenthaler Weg 3b)

15306 Vierlinden Worin

Tel: 0171-9150552

(Ansgar Westerhoff)



Ansgar Westerhoff
Dürrstr. 5
37083 Göttingen

tel. Auskunft i.d.R.

Mo und Mi 11-16 Uhr

Büro: 0551-370 8118

AB: 0551-270 090 04